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Pray For Discernment

Pray For Discernment

There is a war being waged for Human Attention. Whoever or whatever gets the most Human Attention wins the Spiritual Battle for Earth.

Everything hinges on where Humans put their precious Attention. Your Attention is far more powerful than you realize. We create what we focus on and we don’t even know it…but others know it, and they use that fact to gain power.

At this moment on physical Earth, factions beyond Human comprehension visciously vie for control of Human Awareness. They all want the power we each unknowingly harbor within.

The battle for our Awareness is being waged as an Information War.

True, false, right wrong and everything in between, is framed as the most important, critical information and relentlessly shoved into our faces. That’s why we need Discernment. We need to be able to tell the difference between info that will steer us in the right direction and that which is meant to mislead and deceive.

As Humans under the Force of this Relentless Madness, how can we tell Right from Wrong? Each Human must learn to feel the difference.

We all feel the difference between right and wrong. When we pay attention to our Selves, we each know the different ways truth and lies make us feel when they’re coming at us. They are very different, distinct, noticeable sensations within your body.

Truth feels good, smooth, graceful, even if it’s very unpleasant or a tragic truth. False feels uncomfortable and frustrating inside. It feels like someone is trying to manipulate you because they are.

Start to notice these sensations when you’re faced with the propoganda we call news and opinion. The world offers endless opportunities to practice, and you’re going to need it. You’re going to need the practice, as Discernment of Spirits becomes a critical survival skill.

Grant me the Eyes to see the Lies and the Devils in Disguise.

What does it mean to be Discerning of Spirits?

Discernment in Daily Life

It means you judge people, news, all your daily input, by how they make you feel. When we become Self-Aware enough to feel the difference between God and Not-God, we must then have the strength and courage to act accordingly.

Spiritual Discernment

Beyond people, we also walk among energies that our physical bodies do not detect, so we are blind to them. The only way we know they’re there is by our feelings. We can sense them and their relationship with God, by how they make us feel.

The Gift of Discernment of Spirits

While Discerning of Spirits in the Bible is considered a gift, it’s not granted to just anyone. You have to earn it by practicing, just like any other skill.

Silently practice all throughout the day. Pay attention to how you feel inside when you’re interacting with certain people online and in person. How do you feel when you allow a certain fear story we call news into your awareness? In contrast, how do your subtle emotions react to Truth?

Focus and become Aware of how they make you Feel. Pay Attention to the sensations and act on them. Feel the contrast within your Being, between the feelings of True and Deceptive energy. One feels comfortable, the other uncomfortable, depending on its Alignment with God Energy.

When we die, our well-established feeling of discernment will serve us well in going back to God.

Prayer for Discernment

God, grant me the eyes to see what you see, hear what you hear, feel what you feel. Reveal the darkness all around me so that my Path of Light becomes clear. Let me know when I am being deceived and give me the strength to remove my Self from the deception. Show me your Love Clearly, that I may focus that feeling of Joyous Completion and obliterate all that is not in full Harmony with your Energy.

Discernment Scripture

Discernment In The Bible