Empower Your SELF

Love is the Mission


Apparently, many of us came to Earth without fully understanding what to expect. Right now, I’m thinking that should not have been allowed. For whatever reason, it was allowed, and now here we find our Selves, trapped within varying degrees of where we don’t want to be, doing our best to survive while immersed in major discomfort from which there’s no escape except the natural ending of the lifetime.

When we complete our Life’s Mission, when we do what we came here to do, when our life no longer serves a purpose, we leave the body. If we’re still in a body, we still have work to do, but that doesn’t mean there’s something we have to be doing with our physical bodies while in the physical realm.

At this point in the Human Game, we’re either doing exactly what we need to be doing on an energetic level that can’t be seen in the physical, or we’re on the right path and close to the Mission.

Do you ever know that you’ve got an important mission in this lifetime, but you have no idea what it is? Then you’re on the right path because at least you can hear the call. Communication, Check.

You do have an important mission and you probably don’t have any idea what it is. That’s ok.

Many of us are still completely lost, by no fault of their own. Until you truly find the Flow, you might have absolutely no idea what your mission is. It is what you think it is, without your Ego instantly defeating it with doubt.

ACTION STEP: Let’s keep things simple. There’s just one thing to do that will clear your confusion and set you straight. Love. Feel Love. Consciously Emit Love. That’s at least part of your Mission. Maybe that’s the entire reason you’re here.

If you feel lost, Love.

Consciously Feeling Love is especially powerful during times of extreme anguish and when you have no clue what to do or which way to turn.

ACTION STEPS: Know the anguish can’t hurt you, let your Self feel it and feel Love at the same time. Very Powerful Transformation.

How do you feel Love when you’re lost in anguish? Just think of something or someone who makes you feel Love. An animal, pet, baby, child, nature, even friends and family. Keep thinking of it, keep feeling Love. Hold it. Embrace it. Know it.

Love is the Most Powerful Action. It is the mission. It’s what we came here to do.

Which brings us back to being Happy. No matter what our personal Mission on Earth is, we each have a Duty to be as happy as we can throughout the entire adventure. It’s one of the main reasons we’re all here.

Stay lighthearted and laugh it off when you’re blindsided by a wrecking ball. Many of us volunteered to come to earth right now just to hold the frequency of Love, to generate it and emit it as Conscious Human Energy, at a time when every little bit of Love means a lot.

If you feel lost, just feel happy. Find anything to feel happy about and make your self feel happy. That’s what each of us can do that will definitely help our Selves and greatly contribute to our Mission. Your energy will help Earth and it will help you personally, in powerful ways you can’t imagine. It will get you out of any situation you’re stuck in.

Feeling joy, love and compassion are the most powerful Actions a Human on Earth can take right now.

When you are anchored in Love, you will automatically be fulfilling your purpose of this physical lifetime. It can be no other way, for when you generate and emit Love from your physical body, the life you experience must resonate with who you genuinely are. Life reflects how you approach it. If you approach it with Love, that’s what you’re going to get back.

May You Emit Peace and Love.