Empower Your SELF

Lead With Your Heart

Heart Leads Head

What does it mean to lead with your Heart?

The Heart is a multidimensional portal. It attracts exactly what it expresses. We can use it to attract whatever experience we want, simply by consciously emitting from our Hearts, the emotion we want to attract.

You can choose to act lovingly toward people and to approach your life through loving eyes. All it takes is a simple re-framing of daily events. Don’t see things from a base of fear, see them from the eyes of an empowered person, because that’s what you are.

Whatever energy you express, the world reflects back to you. When you express Love, it will come back to you.

When your Heart leads, your first reaction to Life’s various inputs will be based in Love and Compassion. You’ll find your Self doing kind things you wouldn’t normally do, just because they’re kind.

As your Heart leads, you don’t take things so seriously. You know that a good solution always presents itself, so it does. You know that most things don’t matter, so they don’t.

You know that your Heart is NOT leading when you want revenge or when you want to hurt someone. Wanting to hurt others is a sign that you haven’t forgiven your Self. It’s time you do. Love and Forgive Your Self. Then you can Love and Forgive others.

Your Heart forgives, supports, cooperates, enhances, empowers. It considers how your actions make other people feel, then it naturally acts to make them feel good.

Lead with that if you want to make a lasting impression.

Since the Hart is multidimensional, it detects and knows things we’re not consciously aware of. It urges us to do the right thing.

Sounds easy enough at face value, but tragically, all too often, our ego gets in the way and compels us to ignore our Heart. The Lower Physical Realm has sprung its trap. We become entranced by our own ego and enraptured by our own actions, immersed within 3D.

Then Karma ensues, ensuring many dramatic 3D lifetimes to come. Trapped in movement. Trapped in separation. Trapped in Time, lifetime after lifetime, trying to balance your energy so you can come Home.

Leading with Heart Action Steps:

Practice following your Heart. Learn how it feels. Compare it to how your ego feels. Know the difference. Note the difference in the results that come back to you. Become familiar with the sensations of Love and Peace. Evoke those emotions throughout every day. Make it a habit to lead from your Heart.

Another complication is that we must also protect our Selves. How do we protect our Selves and keep our Hearts open at the same time? As always, the answer is in the Heart.

When we’re expressing higher energy, we care less about the happenings of the 3D world. Emotional detachment leads to discernment. Want to feel the difference between Truth or False? Stop caring! Most things are out of our control anyway.

So Love lets us detach, which gives us discernment to protect our Selves. When we truly get into these higher frequencies, fear can’t touch us anyway.

Here’s to you, staying in Love.