Empower Your SELF

Key To The Invisible Prison

Consciousness is Key

Like it or not, Humanity exists within a prison of perception. We’re kept in a prison of limited awareness. We are told what to think, then shamed and frightened into going along with it. Whatever the threat-du-jour, if you don’t obey the narrative, you’ll be the reason Humanity was wiped off the face of the Earth.

Humans are absolutely immersed within power struggles on every level, from alien takeovers to parents trying to get their kids to eat. Every level reflects the others. They are in essence all the same.

As Individual Humans, we seem to have control over very little, if anything at all. The key word there is “seem”. How things “seem to be” is our perception of them. Immersed within this prison of perception, nothing is as it seems. Absolutely Nothing.

How to Escape the Prison of Perception

Easy. Become Aware. When something doesn’t make sense to you, there’s your lighthouse. That’s a glitch in the matrix. Grab onto it and dive down that rabbit hole like your life depended on it. Do your research outside of Google, who controls your perception of the world.

As we expand our awareness, the prison dissolves. As we dissolve our prison of perception, our True Nature becomes clear and we begin to express our Selves clearly.

Try and where you’ll find existing companies and projects that have been running for years, with projects you can’t imagine.crazy science fiction you can’t imagine. Seriously. I challenge you to not be all like, “WTF” after just a few minutes.

Your attention is skillfully directed away from what they don’t want you to see, toward what they do want you see and obsess over – the exact story they’re weaving for you.

Human Perception is the key to the survival of the Human Race and Humans are the only players in the game who don’t know what’s going on.

Higher Consciousness Is Our Only Refuge

As worldwide systems begin to crumble, people lose their grounding. When there’s nowhere to look for solid ground, the only sanctuary left is your own Higher Consciousness. As Humanity races toward self-destruction, we each can become centered and clear by focusing on our own Higher Consciousness.

When we’re in higher consciousness, we see the prison of perception for what it is. We become aware of being guided by our own higher awareness. The difference between Truth and propaganda become stark. The sensation of each is distinctive. Become aware of the feeling of each.

What is Higher Consciousness?

When you focus your attention on those emotions and pay less attention to the emotions the perception prison makes you feel, you change your world and the world of those around you.

Higher Consciousness is Laughter, Joy, God, Love, Compassion, Genuine Service to Others, Happiness, etc, etc.

Instead of fearing dire predictions, focus on your Higher Consciousness in every unfolding Now Moment, no matter what is going on in the physical. Even while you and your Loved ones are making prudent preparations for what might unfold, do it while lost in the joyous now of Family Bonding and the Love of teaching your kids good habits, strong character and valuable knowledge.

To be clear, I’m saying to be aware of what the future might bring and take prudent action, while approaching every Now Moment with Peace and Flow.

You know what happens next?

When Humans raise their energy patterns, we bring the physical realm up with us, which transforms it into a place we actually want to be, not the Prison Planet we know right now. That’s one example of how Humanity can help Earth grow energetically. A Human Being is s bridge between the physical and non-physical. Our non-physical thoughts and emotions express through a physical body, raising the energy of the physical Earth, through the Human body interface.

When we act in the physical from higher energy in spite of the physical world feeding us nothing but lower energy, we bring the physical world up to our level.

It doesn’t seem like we make a difference because even powerful people are just a tiny force compared to the entire world of rampant darkness. A pebble in a vast churning ocean indeed. The efforts of that pebble to awaken and become clear while within a prison of blinding deception, do indeed make a difference.

That is to say: You matter. Your efforts and struggles make a positive difference to you personally and to the Universe, which takes it very personally.