Empower Your SELF

Human Transformation


To evolve and grow away from the misery of the 3D world, we must transform our Selves while we’re still Human.

The sacred journey of Humans is to transform your perspective from Ego to Spirit. We must change the lens through which we see the world. We must perceive, interact with and respond to the world, our lives and our surroundings as our Spirit Selves, not as our ego. With every interaction and every external stimulus to our Being, we need to respond as if we are an Infinite Spirit in a physical Human body, because we are, and the Universe is watching.

When we change our perspective, we change the world in which we live. The world is always as we see it. When we see things in a new way, the world becomes anew, precisely according to the way we see it. It must be so, and it is so.

What does it mean to live from Spirit and not from Ego?

Most of us live mostly in the world of Ego, with varying degrees of Spirit sprinkled in. We love, but only friends and family. We feel compassion, but only for those we love. We need to allow our Selves to expand that good energy beyond all limitation, especially toward the areas of our lives where we direct our hatred and anger.

Here are a few main differences between the worlds of Spirit and Love:

Spirit loves unconditionally. Ego sees everything as a threat.
Spirit allows. Ego seeks to control.
Spirit accepts. Ego seeks to change what it can’t control.
Spirit feels compassion. Ego feels contempt.
Spirit Loves. Ego Hates.
Spirit cooperates. Ego competes.

Getting the idea? It’s easy to feel the difference.

Seem obvious? Great! Then it’ll be easy for you to make the shift.

How far can you take it? Do you love those who are destroying the world as we knew it? Do you love your boss, who you hate?

Do you still love your family even when they’ve done something that makes you mad? Start there and grow.

Transformative Action Steps

You can even use negative emotions as a trigger to feel the positive. Next time you feel any negative emotion or thought, embrace it and feel it intensely for 5 seconds, then switch to the exact opposite, with the same passion. Feel the positive side just as intensely for as long as you can. Hold it and Know the sensation. Make yourself feel forgiveness, love, joy, peace no matter how much you don’t want to. Do it. Feel it. Then just let it all go and get on with your life.

Hope this helps.