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How To Process Intense Emotion

How To Handle Intense Emotion

It’s important to feel your emotions. I know they can be intense and we naturally want to avoid strong emotions. Here’s a trick I learned that works wonders for me.

When you’re in the throes of negative emotion, when it’s got hold of you and it’s dragging you into the abyss, when you’re falling into the bottomless Pit of Dispair…

Think to your Self, “This emotion can not hurt me. It is safe to feel this way. I’m in no danger.” The emotion, in and of itself, cannot physically harm you.

Knowing that, close your eyes, relax your muscles and take a few deep, slow breaths.

Feel the intense negative emotion while knowing that you’re safe. This will help you release tension in the body, breathe deep and release the emotion. Let it dissipate and leave your body. When you’re relaxed, the emotion has nothing to hold on to, so it will quickly go away within minutes. You will be ok. Just relax, breathe deep, let your Self feel the emotion and know you’re safe. Remember, the emotion can not harm you.

Don’t let your Self get trapped in the negative emotion. Now you can just render it powerless and let it go, a straight jacket crumbled in a loose heap at your feet, while you fly free.

When the emotion starts to dissipate, consciously let it go. Release it. Allow your Self to move on. Growth and expansion await within the Infinite Potential we call the Future. The Future depends upon who we are in every unfolding moment.

The purpose of being an emotional human is to feel human emotion. We’re supposed to feel it, not avoid it.

When we allow our Selves to feel and release intense emotion, we process it and disintegrate it into another form of energy. Ah, the Infinite Power of a Human. When we consciously process and release Human Emotion, our Spirit grows. It is the type of growth available only by processing your own natural Human Emotion. A unique, powerful opportunity indeed.

Now you know a simple trick to practice this consciously with all your emotions. You can do the same thing with positive emotions, except don’t release them. hold them in your body as long and as intensely as possible. Make that feeling your default habit.