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How To Calm An Anxiety Attack

Stop Panic Attacks

Looking at the reality of the world these days, you’ll probably notice that there’s a lot to be anxious about. Humanity is facing Individual Crisis, World War and everything in between. There’s no lack of evidence that things are looking pretty dire.

But don’t focus on that. Be aware of it but don’t focus on it.

Focusing on what you can’t control can cause you to suffer a panic attack. They are not fun. But even if you focus on things in your own life – within your own Realm of Influence – there’s still plenty of reason to worry and even panic sometimes.

How To Stop A Panic Attack

Sit down and realize that right now, in this moment, you’re in no physical danger. What you’re feeling cannot hurt you. The panic – the out of control fear and emotion that feels like it’s constricting you and shutting you down – cannot hurt you. You are not caving-in on your Self. Stop pretending that you are and face the reality that what you’re feeling cannot hurt you. Sit there for a few seconds and Know that in your Cells. Let the feeling sink in.

Now, when you’re ready, take a deep breath in. Make the entire inhale last one second. As soon as you’re full, immediately exhale quickly. Make the entire exhale last half a second. You want to draw the air in with strong intention then immediately force the air out fast.

As you exhale, focus your mind on making your entire body instantly relax. Make all your muscles instantly relax in that half-second. Don’t give your body a choice. You make it relax. Exercise your Will over your body. Practice this, it is a Critical Life Skill. You are always just a breath away from relaxation.

Stopping a panic attack in its tracks is easier than you think.

Now focus on making your body stay relaxed and start relaxing your breathing. Smooth and steady. Slow it down. Breathe in deeply and breathe out completely. Squeeze it out. Pause on both ends. Slow, steady, relaxed. Remember that you are in no physical danger in this moment.

You’re ok right now. If you know why you panicked, gather your courage and face it calmly and with confidence, whatever that means for you. Overcoming your unconscious Self is what matters. The situation is there so you can face your Self and Grow. It can be very difficult if you resist or it can be graceful if you accept what you must face and face it with courage.

How To Get Through A Panic Attack Alone

You need to be able to get through a panic attack on your own, without external assistance. If you can’t control your Self, others will control you. Sovereignty is always the goal. The choice is always yours.

Having to rely on someone else every time you have a panic attack is missing the point. Relying on people just shifts responsibility away from your Self. Take charge of your Life by shifting the responsibility to you.

What if you’re alone and you really need to hold it together? You need to be able to control your Self, without relying on external input. This is about you and you need to Face your Self. No matter how terrifying it sounds, you’re not in any physical danger, so relax.

All Heroes must face them Selves and when the time comes, they’re alone. The rescue comes only after it’s over.

By the time some form of outside support arrives, the moment has come and gone. The Demons of Temptation have played their hand. The Heroine has faced her Self, made her decision and acted on it, forever altering the course of her life, the world and realms beyond Human awareness. And she did it all on her own. She is forever changed, pushed beyond her own unconscious innocence. A new Timeline is now in Play. There is no going back.

You are the Hero of your own Story. We must each fight in every moment to make the decision that’s right for us. When we feel anxiety or panic setting in, it’s a sign that we’re doing what’s right for others and going against our own Nature.

If you don’t know why you’re feeling panic and anxiety, look to where you’re betraying your own Nature – where you’re not taking care of your own needs or not doing what you know is right, to please other people.

Why We Betray Our Selves

  • Survival – It is usually necessary to betray our Selves in some ways in order to survive in situations that are we must stay in, in order to survive. This type of necessary – sometimes conscious – self-betrayal is almost always for the better in the long run. Necessary situations force us to face things about our Selves that we would never choose to look at. This is one way sacrificing your Self for the Greater Good leads to your personal growth.
  • Succumbing to Temptation – We all know what it feels like. We know we shouldn’t – that we’re only hurting our Selves – and yet we can’t resist. We betray our own Growth for temporary satisfaction.

Giving in to Temptation can be satisfying in the moment, but then the moment ends. And what are we left with? Anxiety, panic, and shame that we just betrayed our Selves. It’s time to move on.

Your Awareness Is A Major Cause of Panic and Anxiety

What are you aware of? You are aware of whatever the Screens you stare at tell you. True or not, whatever you see on your Screens becomes a part of your Awareness. Your Screens make you aware of things that elicit the emotion of Fear within the Human body, consciously and unconsciously.

They also generate the background feeling of anxiety, an unwelcome guest causing upheaval and disharmony within you. Screens open you to dis-harmonic energies which latch onto you and feed off your fear. You don’t have to be watching anything scary. Screens can generate Fear within your body without you ever noticing. Something you see – something you become aware of – can trigger anger and fear, hours after you saw it.

Do not underestimate the purposefully hypnotic power and negative effects of Screens on Humans, including you. If you think you are exempt, it is because you are hypnotized to think so. Break the Trance by Becoming Aware and accepting your New Expanded Vision. It is indeed a Gift from God.

If you suffer from general background anxiety that’s just there as you live your life, start by cutting down on your screen time. Unfortunately, breaking this addiction can cause anxiety. You stare at screens because you’re anxious, but it causes more anxiety. Just like cigarettes but more subtle and covert.

The solution re-enforces the problem and people don’t even know they’re trapped. What an amazing opportunity for people to prove how strong they can be. Become Truly Free by your own Free Will. If you couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t be here right now,facing what you’re facing. Only you can do it. Now do it.

At a certain point, you have to make a decision to take back control of your Attention and your Awareness. If you put it off and the decision point never comes, you might never regain your Self.

Panic Attacks Can Be Triggered By Gaslighting

When you’re confused, without a grounding point to stabilize your Self, it’s easy to get scared and lose control. That’s the whole point of a gaslighting attack. If what you’re being told does not jive with your version of Reality, there’s a good chance you’re being gaslit. That will greatly contribute to your anxiety and panic attacks.

How Long Does An Anxiety Attack Last?

A Panic Attack will last for an unknown amount of time, but there are actions you can take in the moment to stop it in its tracks. See above and remember – you are always just a breath away from relaxation. You can choose to stop it at any time, without any external help. Make the decision and do it.

A general background feeling of anxiety can last until the situation changes or until you face what’s causing it. Instead of passively enduring a situation, waiting for an external bailout, take charge of your anxiety. Allow it to debilitate you no longer! You have the final say in all things regarding you. Use Your Authority Over Your Self.

How To Stop Anxiety Caused By A Situation

That means coming to terms with a situation, accepting it and learning how to handle it without betraying your self. How? Simple. By what is commonly known as “re-framing”. Change the way you look at things and where you fit in.

See how you can use a situation to help you grow inside. Every situation holds the opportunity to become a better person. When you see that for your Self, a situation becomes more bearable.

It does not instantly get better. Like any valuable skill, you must Earn it thru Practice. You must consciously remember, in real-time, your new perspective and why the situation shouldn’t bother you. Changing set unconscious patterns takes conscious effort over time. It is so easy to become unconscious again without even knowing it. Stick with it and it will become the norm. You will have created a new Vision, a new Awareness, an expanded consciousness. Well Earned Blessings.

When you recognize your own blindness, you will Marvel at your capacity for Self-deception and delusion. You will also start wondering what other behaviors you exhibit, while you have no idea you’ve ever acted that way.

If something is bothering you, change the way you see it. If you look at anything from different angles, you’ll find a way to look at it that makes it alright with you. Possibly the only thing we have True Control over, is our own Consciousness – our Selves.

Change the way you see your purpose in the situation. Only You have the Power to Transform your Self from a Slave to a Selfless Servant. Change your Role in your own mind and you will transform your Life.

It also helps to see the situation from a big picture perspective and see it from the perspective of others involved. Put your Self in their shoes. How do they perceive things? How might your actions make them feel?

Another technique is to see the situation as if someone told you a story about it happening. You are not involved in the situation at all. Become completely emotionally detached. Less reactionary emotion leads to clearer Vision.

Social Anxiety Test

Ok, so this isn’t a formal test for social anxiety. You don’t need a formal test to tell you if you have anxiety around people. You know if you do or not. Start becoming Aware of your Self and taking Responsibility for your Self.

What Causes Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety might be caused by thousands of different forces we’re subject to throughout our lives. Social anxiety is almost always an ingrained, unconscious, automatic reaction to something from our past. It does not matter what. Don’t fixate on the past. Reliving a situation is a painful way to become free from it. Focusing on the past will only become a distraction, luring you further away from the answers you seek.

Focus on the situation here and now, and what to do about it.

Even though we don’t know it, Humans pick up each other’s emotions. This is one possible cause of social anxiety. You might be an Empath – able to feel other people’s emotions. One way to learn about and Master your Self by drowning in other people.

Or you might just be anxious around people because you’re aware enough to see that people are not to be trusted. You’ve seen what they can do, and you don’t want any part of it. That’s ok. Awareness can be difficult and even painful. Do not fight your Awakening.

We each must meet our personal human need to socialize while staying aware of our Selves and allowing other people to be who they are.

Why Is Anxiety Worse At Night?

Anxiety is usually worse at night because there are fewer real-time distractions for your mind. Things aren’t going on, there’s less movement, less background action, fewer forces constantly vying for our attention.

At night, it’s just you and your mind. That can be very scary. Face it and render it powerless. Your mind can harm you only if you run from it.

Silence can be deafening when you need distraction from worry. In the lack of commotion, the mind has nothing to hold onto, so it will hold on to anxiety and fear. An unfocused mind is a dangerous force. It can drive us insane and we won’t even know it. It’s up to you to make a Stand before it takes over and swallows you.

The background energy we’re constantly immersed in, is different at night. We exist within a Collective Consciousness, made up of the people around us and other electromagnetic forces we’re unaware of. When a large percentage of people around us are asleep, their conscious minds are not active. That means there’s less unconscious distortion for our own conscious mind. We are more clear as our section of the world sleeps.

Waking Up With Anxiety In The Middle Of The Night?

There’s no two ways about it, these moments can be really rough. Intense worry and lack of sleep make for a really unpleasant world. It’s up to you to break the seductive cycle. Here’s how.

When you’re laying there, a time comes when you know your conscious mind is waking up and getting more active – you’re getting further from sleep and you know it. Take charge by getting up out of bed as soon as you realize that’s happening.

Forget about trying to sleep or your need to sleep for that important meeting in a few hours. You’ve been over-ridden. Go with it. If you needed sleep, you’d be sleeping. Get up. Trying to sleep will only drive you crazy.

Now focus your mind on something, even whatever you think is causing the anxiety. Yes, sometimes it can be good to focus on the cause of the anxiety. If you can take it, these moments are an opportunity for you to consciously process your fear and anxiety in a controlled environment where you’re in charge. Take full advantage of this rare moment of Powerful Leverage.

If you’re worried about a meeting, focus on it, study the topics, rehearse and improve your speech. Do research about others who will be there.

If you’re worried about a specific situation, study it. Draw diagrams, take notes, list probable outcomes of different decisions, tactics, strategies, reactions, responses. Get clear with the reality of the situation you’re dealing with, accept it and figure out the best way to move forward.

The point is to focus your mind when you wake up with anxiety in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep.

If you’re in no mood to face things, that’s ok. Instead, focus on something fun, that excites you, or something that makes you laugh.

Realize what you can and cannot control. Let go of all things that are not up to you – which is almost everything. Now you can put all your energy into the few things you can actually control – your immediate surroundings, preparation and Loving Others.

Anxiety and the Now Moment

Anxiety and panic are telling you that you are not living in the Now Moment. You are overly focused on what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future. You need to re-center and re-ground your Self in the Now Moment.

Forget the past, which you cannot change and Accept the future, which you cannot control. Forget the past and embrace the Future.

Every Now Moment defines the future. When you have anxiety, think about what you can do and how you can feel in every Now Moment, that will bring about the future you desire. Focus your precious, limited energy and attention on planning the future instead of worrying about it. Do not expend it staring into screens, being told what your reality is.

Right Now is your earliest starting point. God Speed.

Weird Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety can have weird symptoms that you might not normally associate with feeling worried.

Check Your Breathing – You might be taking quick, short breaths without even knowing it. Take some conscious, deep, full breaths to regain your Awareness of the situation. Shortness of breath and anxiety are signs that you need to wake up.

There are literally hundreds of weird anxiety symptoms.

Disclaimer: Obviously, these are merely one person’s general observations. This by no means is to be interpreted as medical or health advice of any kind. I am not a doctor or healthcare professional. I am a curious observer. That is all.

If you feel that a Healthcare Professional might help you, please do call one. It is up to you. This article is not meant to discourage you from seeking Professional Help. This article is not Professional Help. If you need Professional Help, do go get it.