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Energy Signature

Energy Signature

While we’re in the body, we need to strive to increase our energetic vibration. The energy for that comes from our Will, that’s why it’s often not easy. When we express our Will in the physical, we generate energy and focus it on what we Will to happen.

The Will can be in any form, mental, emotional, physical, whatever. As long as we experience it from the body, we grow with leverage. Our growth while in human form comes from our thoughts and emotions, which is what changes our energetic signature.

Being in the body is all about changing your energy signature through your experience.

Every individual human has their own personal Energy Signature. Like fingerprints on steroids for all to see, our Energy Signature expresses the energy of who we are and broadcasts it throughout the Universe. In a real-time feedback loop, your energy signature merges with and alters Universal Energy, which then sends it’s overall vibration back to your physical expression. They are onstantly altering eachother.

Your energy signature describes you exactly, in ways beyond the physical. You can’t hide who you are from beyond the physical realm. It’s all out there. But don’t worry because outside of the physical realm, there’s no judgement, so it’s all good.

In that State, we’ve still got a lot of sorting, debriefing, resting and re-balancing to do, but beyond the physical we all know that everything comes from the fundamental energy of Love and we’re a part of it. The physical comes from Love too, but we don’t know it when we’re in the physical. Everywhere else, we do know it.

The blindness is where the power of the transformation comes from, the leverage. Transformation in blindness Proves God.

Back at the ranch, we’ve each got this unique energy signature broadcasting throughout the Universe for all to see for all time. As Humans, we change our energy signature through our thoughts and emotions while we’re entrenched within the physical world.

When we consciously generate and express good energy as physical humans, we emit that into the physical world and into the Universe. We change our energy signature in expansive ways. Our good feelings create and open potential that did not exist before, in the physical and beyond.

Know it. It is Truth.