Empower Your SELF

Beyond Physical Action

Realms of Consciousness

There are many types of action, some more obvious in the physical realm than others.

Just because someone is not taking some sort of physical action defending what they believe in, doesn’t mean they’re not fighting for their cause. It’s easy to judge people when they choose to not fight or resist tyrany physically, but the physical is just a tiny fraction of what is really going on energetically around us at all times.

Both physical and energetic action is necessary. They empower each other. What I’m calling Energetic Action here, is action in the form of thought and emotion.

The Physical Realm is a result of the Energetic Realm. When we effect the energetic, we deeply effect the physical, but it takes time to show up in 3D. When changes do show up, they can be ambiguous, weak and they tend to play out differently than we envisioned.

In the energetic realm of human thought and emotion, we act on and change the underlying structure of the Lower Physical Realm.

Human Thought and Emotion are powerful actions. Even though those forces don’t act on the physical plane, they make a big difference in the energetic realm, which effects the person and the physical realm in ways unknown to physical humans. What we do know is that we can consciously effect our own energy and that our energy can influence others without physically communicating in any way.

Practice this by thinking of someone you Love and sending them good energy. Send them Love and Joy. Send them any good emotion that you think they need, like confidence or anything else. Families and friends do this all the time.

It’s easy when you care for the person, because your Heart is open.

It’s even more powerful when you do it for whoever you consider an enemy. No one ever said it would be easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard, either.

Your Call.