Empower Your SELF

Be Light Hearted

Heart Cloud

As darkness threatens to envelop the world, it’s easy to feel helpless. For all your good intentions, there’s only so much you can do in the Lower Physical Realm.

There is one single action that can save the world. It is powerful, harmless, effortless and free. It can be done in groups and alone. It cannot be persecuted, regulated or limited in any way. It is exactly what the darkness fears above all else.

In these times of darkness, when all seems doomed, the single most important and powerful action each person can take, is to relax, feel love and feel light-hearted in the midst of it all.

Embracing and emitting those high emotions, feeling those emotions deep within your cells, within your DNA, is the greatest action each of us can take, to counter the effects of rampant evil and escape its dark clutches.

When we feel Love and Joy while darkness crumbles the old world, we nullify the darkness and we generate the energy patterns upon which the new world will become. While the darkness overtakes the old world, we build the new world with Light and Love.

As our light energy becomes lighter, the heavy darkness becomes less relevant and ultimately ceases to exist, from light’s point of view. At a certain point, light and dark no longer know that the other exists.

In Love Energy, you will discover graceful solutions to impossible 3D problems.

Light Hearted Action Steps

Consciously getting into Love Energy is easy.

Just think of someone or a situation that melts your heart. You know exactly what it is, and you know how powerful it is. Use that power to dissolve darkness on Earth right now.

No matter what’s going on around you, embrace that heart-melty feeling of Love and Compassion. If you’re mad as hell, transfer the power of your anger into finding greater power in a vulnerable heart.

Hope this helps.