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Powerful Prayers

The Importance of Prayer

One way to look at prayer is that God is there the instant you think of Him. More accurately, he has been with you – and been an integral part of you – the whole time. God is always with you. When you prey, you become consciously aware of Him in your life.

Prayer is important because it reminds you that God has never left your side.

Prayer is important because we have to ask God for help. Not because He wants us to grovel (He doesn’t), but because we have to be Humble to hear Him. We must admit that we need help. If we’re not humble, we’re just talking at God and not open for help. When we’re not humble, we speak to God thru our Ego, which tells, tells, tells and never listens to anyone. God doesn’t mind, He always Loves you, but it’s not 2-way communication. Admitting we need help is the first step to being able to hear God.

Asking for help is necessary because it shows faith. Faith is necessary, not because God is insecure and wants devotion, but because Faith in God eliminates fear and raises our consciousness, which makes it easier for us to hear Him.

Morning Prayer is important because it sets the tone of your personal energy for the day. Remember your morning prayer throughout the day and repeat it to reinforce and strengthen the waning energy.

Talking to God – How to Prey to God

If you’re wondering how to start a prayer, address God directly. In the Human world, God goes by many names, but in His world, He does not have a name. God is Nameless. Names are a Human construct.

When you refer to God as “God” in any language, all forms of consciousness throughout all Realms of Existence know exactly what you mean. God, the devil and everything in between, know what God means, and they must respect that Force.

If you can’t think of what to say, start with, “Dear God.” You can also end with that and there doesn’t have to be anything in between.

Dear God is a Sacred Prayer. Follow it by consciously feeling Love and Gratitude, and you’ll take your Life to the next level. God is not to be feared. The only thing to fear is the absence of God, which is impossible.

Simple Prayers Are Powerful Prayers

God understands the fine details of your prayers better than you do. Don’t worry about missing anything. God knows what you forgot to say and if you don’t say something clearly, He still knows precisely what you mean.

Be your Self! God Loves You and He Loves it when you just Be your Self! He created you to be you, not to pretend to be someone else.

Talk as if you’re talking to your Self. Be natural. You can even yell and get emotional. God Forgives All. In God’s eyes, there is nothing to forgive. He knows how rough it is being a Human. He understands our emotions, frustrations and how we expres them. It’s all a part of who you are and God Loves you for it.

“S’up Homie. Life’s got me by the shorties and I could sure use a Solid. C’mon Man, help me out.” is just fine, as long as it is genuine, from your Heart.

Prey from your Heart. God communicates through the Heart. Your HeartFelt communicaton is blissful to God. Listen to Him with your Heart. Get to know your Heart. Develop a relationship with your Heart, even outside of prayer.

When you prey, state your request respectfully and firmly. He doesn’t like it when his children snivel and cower to him or anyone. He want us to take our Power back and stop being Sheep. We are not representing Him very well right now.

Ask for help, don’t ask God to do it for you. You must do your part and then some. God helps those who help themselves. That doesn’t mean taking stuff, it means physical, mental, emotional effort to become aware of your Self and consciously improve your Self as a person.

When you’re done, nothing will have happened and you might not feel any different.

The trick is to EMOTIONALLY KNOW that God hears you and grants all Heart-Felt requests. It is up to you to FEEL that God has already answered your prayers. Now just sit back and let Time bring it to you. Prey from the Heart, then Let Go and Let God.

Muster the courage to face and do the tasks in front of you to the best of your ability in every moment, knowing that it’s already a done deal, it just needs time to appear in your life. More accurately, you need time to become aware that it has already happened.

Thank Him. Be genuinely grateful for the physical experience He has granted you. If life seems awful and unbearable, remember that it’s only temporary. It will end.

It’s OK to get mad at God. He knows it’s all part of the Human Game and He understands that anger can be good because it shows that we have self-esteem and it helps us become aware of our personal boundaries.

Do not shy away from God or His Name. Face Him with Love and Acceptance and He shall do the same for you.

Say these prayers throughout the day. No matter what’s going on, don’t ever stop talking to God. He Loves your company, even when you’re in a bad mood or mad at Him!

Show God respect. He doesn’t mind if you don’t, but disrespecting others lowers your frequency, which makes it harder to communicate with Him or anyone.

List of Prayers

The Ultimate Prayer

God Help Me! Thank You. I Love You.

Ultimate Prayer When You’ve Lost All Hope

God Help Me! God Help Me! God Help Me! God Help Me! Repeat sincerely, from the Heart, until you’re sick of it.

Be Still and Know that I Am God (Psalm 46:10) (HumanHints Interpretation)

We are trapped in Time, therefore we are trapped in Movement. When we Sill our body and mind, when we’re no longer reacting to the relentless bombardment of physical spacetime, the Sensation of God becomes clear, we begin to feel His presence and hear His message to us.

Prayers for Love

Dear God. [then focus on your sensation of Love].

Dear God, help me to feel your Love. Thank You.

Dear God, help me open myself to your Love. Thank You.

Dear God, may I move through Time with Love and Grace, as you have shown me.

Prayer of Gratitude

Dear God, Thank you for your stregth and for being with me always. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding. Thank you for your Love. Thank you for my Life. Thank you for today. Thank you for this moment. Thank you for me. Thank you for you.

Prayer for Redemption

Dear God, Thank you for my Life. Forgive me, for I am afraid. I fear that I’ve strayed too far off the Path to God and made some mistakes that I cannot reverse.

I know it’s never too late to find you and that God would not set a trap that His children cannot escape. To think that is to have lost all awareness of your Love.

Thanks to you, my eyes have opened and I can now see that I’ve been blind. I’ve acted without respect for my Self. I put my faith in others and abandoned you. God, forgive me and show me how to forgive my Self, that I may stand before you unashamed and Within Love. Help me learn to love myself, that I may love others and together we shall render powerless all lurking evil. Cleanse me as I forgive myself and accept your Love, for I am worthy.

Prayers for Hard Times

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times

God, Grant me and my loved ones the strength we need to gracefully accept and react to your challenges, that we may grow and come to Know You more deeply. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for Someone Going Through a Hard Time

God, please give (name) the strength to get through this time. Grant him/her the vision to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the courage and tenacity to get there. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayers for Strength, Comfort and Guidance

Prayer for Strength and Courage

God, grant me the strength to overcome your challenges and the courage to grow and learn from them. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for Strength and Peace

Dear God, forgive me, for I grow weary. Immersion within these lower, base energies drains and weakens me. Infuse me with your Strength. Help me to feel the Peace of Knowing You.

Prayer for Strength and Comfort

Dear God, Give me the strength to carry on day by day, wrapped in the Comfort of Your Love.

Prayer for Inner Strength

Dear God, forgive me, for I quiver inside. I fear I do not have the strength to face what you have placed before me. God, I call upon You to give me strength, be my foundation as structure crumbles before my eyes, leaving me nowhere else to turn, nothing else to grab hold of, unfocused, a slave to a passing breeze.

God, you are my Anchor, my Rock, my Solid Support as I face your Trials. In the Depths of Hell, I shall not waver from your Love, giving me the courage to face what is before me. The experience will bring me closer to you. I am grateful for the oppurtunities to express my courage and faith.

I am worthy. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for Strength and Guidance

Dear God, this world is filled with lies and deceit. Guide me along my unique path back to you. May my decisions and choices act toward the highest good of all. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for Protection and Guidance

Dear God, wrap me in the protection of your Love, that I may not succumb to the Forces of the Lower Physical Realm. Guide me along the Path to you, God, that I may not stray from what I know is right.

Prayer for Guidance

Dear God, Help me, for I am lost. I cannot find my way. I know not where to turn. God, guide me back to my Self, that I may find Your Love. God, show me the way. God, show me the way. God, show me the way. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for Guidance and Love

Dear God, Give me the ears to hear your Guidance. I am deaf, blind and confused without you. With your Love, lies are revealed, distortion is clarified.

Prayer for Self Esteem

Dear God, help me to forgive my Self, that I may Love my Self as a part of You. Help me to realize I am worthy of your Love, no matter what I’ve done in the past.

Prayers for Healing

Prayer for Strength and Healing

Dear God, lend me your strength, for I come to you weak and wounded. Give me your strength that I may heal to become stronger and closer to you than ever. May I become a Unified Field of Your Energy, a system in full coherence, working in concert and flow, without distress of any kind. Just as you Love me, I Love Myself and I allow my Self to receive your healing energy of God’s Love. In God’s Name, I banish all energy from me that does not resonate 100% with God’s Love. God, Heal me and give me Strength to carry on. Thank You. I Love You. I Am With You.

Prayer for Healing and Protection

Dear God, the forces of this world have thrown me out of balance. My energy is in conflict with itself. I am not at ease. Help me to release blocked energy and that which no longer serves me. I am wounded and I need your Love to Heal. Let me feel your Healing Love, God. Protect me from imbalance. Help me to stay centered and grounded within my Self. Help me to open my Self to receive the protection of your Love. Thank You God. I Love You.

Short Prayer for Healing and Recovery

Dear God, Thank You for your Love and Support. Help me receive the Healing Energy of Your Love, that I may recover quickly and painlessly, and grow closer to You. Thank you for the opportunity to heal my Self, with your Love and Support. I Love You.

Healing Prayer for a Loved One

Dear God, Please let (Loved One) know you Love her. Give her strength to heal from trauma and guide her in re-integrating her energy to be stronger than ever. Help her release old patterns and embrace the Energy of Your Love. Protect her from all energy, of all forms, for all time, that does not resonate 100% with God’s Love. Thank You God. I Love you.

Prayer for Healing the Sick

Dear God, Humanity is facing a difficult time. Many of us are sick, broken. God, your children need you right now. Our energies are out of whack, leaving us weak and prone to illness. God, help Humanity to feel Your Love. Let us know we are Loved and Supported, that we may re-harmonize our energies and heal our Selves with Your Divine Guidance. Thank You God. I Love You.

Urgent Prayer for Healing a Person

Dear God, (name) is at your doorstep. If you take him Home now, I accept and respect Your decision, even though I won’t understand it or like it. At the risk of sounding selfish, please let him stay in his body for now. The Joy he brings is irriplacable. His Presence brings joy to so many people. Thank You God, for listening. I Love You.

Urgent Prayer for Healing Humanity

Dear God, forgive us. Your children have failed you. We have unknowingly succumbed to the chaotic forces of Time on Earth, and I fear we have forsaken you. Forgive us, for we know not what we do. Help us to wake up and realize what we have done, that we may repent, forgive our Selves and become worthy of Your Love, once again. Thank You for Your Love. I Love you.

Urgent Prayer for Healing the Earth

Dear God, I prey for this Earth. Help Her stay on the Path of Love to You. Protect Her from the many of forces that are influencing, changing, distorting, deforming Her. Help Her come Home to You. She’s had a rough time. She needs Your help. Individual Humans with an Aware Consciousness will do our part by sending Good Energy into Earth. Together, with your Love and Guidance, we’ll be just fine in the end. Thank You God. I Love You.

Prayer for a Miracle Healing (person)

Dear God, I know you work Wonders. I know you perform miracles every day. [Person, place or thing] could sure use a miracle right about now. God, let them heal. Let your Love purify their body and Soul, that they may Know You while in their physical body and help those around them do the same. We need them on Physical Earth at this time. Don’t extinguish their Joy from this world. Thank You God, for listening. I Love You. I Am Always With You.

Prayer for a Miracle Healing (situation)

Dear God, things are pretty messed up for [person, place, thing] right now. God, grant me your Grace to deal with this outside of my own Ego. It is out of my control. It is not up to me. Help me be OK with that. Help me to let go and surrender to your Plan. I am in your hands. Thank You God. I Love You.

Prayers for Protection

St. Michael Prayer (personal version)

St. Michael, Archangel of Spiritual Protection, I call upon you to help me be free of all energy that is not 100% aligned with God. I call upon your sword of light to help me cut all forms of attachment for all time, to all energies that are not 100% aligned with God’s Light. Thank You. I Love you.

Michael the Archangel Prayer

Archangel Michael, Spiritual Protector, I call upon you to defend me against the evils of the world. Protect me and keep me pure. Be by my side and do not let me succumb to the temporary, empty pleasures of the Lower Physical Realms. I call upon you to help me completely sever all ties with all energies that are not 100% of God’s Light, for all time. So Be It. Thank You. I Love You.

Powerful Protection Prayer

God, I ask for your protection, now and at all times. As this blessed world becomes immersed in darkness, Let my path to you remain clear. Let my Will remain steadfast. Be my torch as I represent your Light as a Human upon Earth. I am honored to work with you. Thank you. I love you.

Prayer for Safety and Protection

God, grant me the awareness to avoid danger and the courage to face it when it can’t be avoided. I ask for your divine protection, that I may stay safe, immersed within this spiritual battle upon Earth. As the world crumbles, I shall bare witness to your Love in physical form. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for Protection for Family

Dear God, I Love You. I Thank you. I ask that you protect my family. Envelop them in the ultimate protection of Your Love. Give them the strength to do the right thing, the vision to avoid trouble and the wisdom to know the difference. Thank You God. I Feel Your Love.

Powerful Prayer for Protection

Dear God, I ask for your protection in these times of chaos on Earth. Envelop me with your Love so that only energy that is in 100% resonance with Your Love can interact with me or even know I exist. I will do my part and Keep my Faith in you. I Know you are always with me and you always protect me. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer To Deal With Intense Emotion

Dear God, Human emotion is so intense and painful, but thanks to Your Grace, emotion is only temporary and it cannot hurt me, for I am wrapped in the protection of your Love.

Prayers Concerning Death

Short Prayer for a Peaceful Death

God, grant me and my loved ones a peaceful, graceful transition into your Sacred Realm. Envelop me in your Love and I’ll know I’m Home. Thank You for my Life. I Love You.

Prayer for the Dying

God, may the Newly Free Souls who leave their body behind, find You at the end of a safe, smooth, graceful passage on the River of Love. Thank You, I Love you.

Short Prayer for the Dead

God, may all Newly Free Souls grow closer to You. May they learn their Earthly lessons and move on. Thank You. I Love You. I am with you always.

Prayer for Someone Dying

God, (name) is coming to you shortly, and I just want to cast my vote for them. They’ve been really good to me. When I was down, they were there for me. I learned so much from them. Knowing them has made me a better person. God, let them transition out of the physical in Peace, Love and Grace. Protect them and watch over them as they become accustomed to their new surroundings. Thank you. I Love You. I am with you always.

Prayers for Discernment and Clarity

Prayer for Discernment

God, grant me the wisdom to know right from wrong, Truth from lies, and a Devil in Disguise. Thank You. I Love You. I am with you always.

Prayer for Clarity and Strength

Dear God, grant me the Vision of my own genuine path and the courage to follow it without succumbing to the temporary, tempestuous Illusions of my Ego. Grant me the Strength to be Humble, that I may Know you more deeply. Thank You. I Love You. I Am With You.

Sunday Morning Short Prayers

Sunday Prayer of Thanks

Dear God, Thank You. In this moment, I consciously send you my Deep Gratitude. Thank you for… …I am honored to be a Divine Part of you. I Love You.

Sunday Morning Bible Verses

Revelations 9
Revelations 21

Sunday Prayer for Friends

Dear God, Thank You for my Friends. On this Holy Day, I humbly ask that you Help them through their daily trials. Protect them from all energy that is not 100% of Your Love. Shelter them from all forms of harm at all times. Thank You God.

Opening Prayer for Sunday Service – Rough Template

Sunday Morning Inspirational Prayer

Dear God, Thank You for Life and thank you for our Lives. As you command, daily challenges are mounting. Demons seem to rule, and yet nothing is as it seems. God’s Grace and Love permeate All. As You Command, there is nothing to Fear. Physical suffering is temporary. It only exists because of Human Ego. Only the Ego suffers, that part of us furthest from You, God.

As we maneuver your challenges, We know you are with us throughout the entire experience and we will come Home to you when the experience is over. We Feel Your Love, God.

When the demons roam free on Earth, when the tormentors seek to torment, they will not see us, for Your Love blinds them. We offer them no energy to feed on, for we Know God is in our Hearts. We are not scared. We are not ashamed. We do not regret. We harbor no anger.

We Know only God’s Love. Therefore we know only Peace, Harmony, Grace. A valuable gift indeed, in this world where demons reign. With Your Love, we go forth into the fray, stable, confident, untouched. Thank You God. I Love You.

Sunday Evening Prayer

Dear God, thank you for this past week and thank you for the week I am about to receive. May my vision be clear, my emotions steady and my Heart open. Be with me, God. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayers for Every Day of the Week

Monday Morning Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for this Monday. I ask that you help me get through it. Be with me as I toil within the chaos. Give me the strength to maintain steady emotions in those moments when I need to remember to love my enemies.

Tuesday Morning Blessings

May you be clear of vision, pure of heart and grounded in your spirit. Thank You God.

Wednesday Morning Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for this Wednesday I am about to receive. Grant me strength and peace as I bridge the last two days’ effort with the next two. Today sets the stage for completion of what I’ve set into motion on Monday and Tuesday. God, may I build this bridge as a clear, strong conduit of beginning and ending energies based in Love. Thank You for my Life. I Love You.

Thursday Morning Prayer

Dear God, thank you for this thursday I am about to receive. Grant me the vision to see opportunities and the widsom to avoid trouble. Thank you for your continued protection and Love as always. I Love You. My Gratitude to You, God.

Short Friday Prayers

Friday Morning Prayer

Dear God, thank you for the week I’ve just received and thank you for your Love, which I always receive. May I find completion in this week’s toils as I plant the seeds of next week’s energy.

Friday Mid-Day Prayer

Dear God, as this work week comes to a close, I want to take a moment to consciously acknowledge your presence and help all week. Even though I’m not always aware of it, I know you are with me at all times and you are always helping me. I accept your help and your Love. Thank You. I Love you.

Friday Night Prayer

God, Thank You for the day and the week I’ve just received. May the experiences of this past week bring me closer to you along a smooth, Graceful path. Thank You. I Love you.

Saturday Morning Prayers

Saturday Morning Prayer for Myself

Dear God, Thank you for this Saturday, that I may catch up from the week in a relaxed manner. While I tie up loose ends, rest and enjoy myself, may you cleanse me of the week’s energies. Help me to release them and grow from them. Thank You God. I Love You.

Saturday Morning Prayer for a Friend

Dear God, Thank you for this Saturday I am about to receive. Before I dive into the day, my friend is on my mind and I just want to ask you to be with her, watch over her, protect her and let her know you Love her. Thank You God. I Love You.

Short Daily Morning Prayers – Powerful Daily Prayers

Short Prayer for Today – Morning Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for this day I am about to receive. Thank You for my Life. May every moment bring me closer to you. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer for the Day for Strength

Dear God, Thank You for this day I am about to receive. Give me Strength to face the day’s challenges and handle the day’s surprises with Love and Grace. Be with me as I handle the tasks before me to the best of my ability. Help me to maintain a pure intent in my actions. Help me do it all with a foundation of Love, especially for my enemies. Forgive me, for I fear I will falter in the moment I most require strength. Especially in those moments, let me know you’re with me, God. Allow me to feel your Love. Thank You God. I Love You.

Prayer for Daily Neglects

I don’t want to do it a dis-service, so please either search for it or check it out Here. Thanks.

Other Powerful Prayers

Prayer to Keep the Faith

Dear God, I know you need me to be strong during these times, but I seem to succumb to the Lower Ways without realizing it. I fear that means I’ve lost my Faith in You. It can be very hard to say no to the physical world. The overwhelming feeling of, “Yes, I really want to!” drowns out the vague sensation that I probably shouldn’t. Open my ears that I may hear You more loudly. Raise my Energy to diminish the pull of the base world and strengthen my connection with you. Feel my Heart, God. I Love You. Thank You.

Prayer for Despair

Dear God, I know you’re always there, but the crushing force of dispair overwhelms me. Help me to know that this emotion cannot hurt me. God, with You, I Am Safe from all things. Give me the courage to stand, the strength to act and the wisdom to relax. God, show me your Love, that I may let me let go and be at Peace. God, help me find Peace. Thank You. I Love You.

Prayer To Let Go

Dear God, I can’t stop feeling this pain. Show me how to let go of the past and move forward into the future. Help me to release my Self from this self-imposed bondage. My own mind seems to blind me from all else, and bind me from moving forward. God, help me release this pain and move forward. With Your Love, I relax and release the energy of the past, that I may Become My Expanded Self, fully aware of Your Love. Thank You God. I Love You.

Meaningful Prayer Before A Meeting

Dear God, be with me while I interact with all the Confidence, Grace and Love that comes with having You by my side. Thank You God. I Love You.