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Fourth Dimension

Fourth Dimension Emotion

There’s a lot of talk about going from the third dimension to the fifth, but what about the fourth dimension?

The fourth dimension is a “transition” dimension.  It acts as a filter of energetic impurities that build up in the third dimension, which cannot enter the fifth.

In the third dimension, our thoughts and emotions do create our reality, but very slowly and inaccurately.  3D humans have very little discipline over their thoughts and they have a strong dark side.  Given these two traits, it is a good thing there’s an extended time delay for manifestation.  Even when things do manifest after a long period of focus, the manifestation is often blurry and muddled, only a vague representation of what we were focusing on.

In the fifth dimension, however, manifestation of our thoughts and emotions is almost instant and it is precise.  Fifth dimensional beings need to be very careful what they think and feel, lest they manifest something they really don’t want.

Luckily, unconditional love is the foundation of fifth dimensional existence.  This state of being does not allow the duality of negative and positive, so there is no dark side in the fifth dimension like there is in the 3D realm.

Unconditional love is a necessary precondition of existing in the fifth dimension but it’s quite a distance away from our dualistic state of being in 3D, where we judge everything as good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative.  It seems like we have a long way to go before we’re able to bear the responsibility of instant manifestation.

Luckily, the fourth dimension gets us there.

The Fourth Dimension Of Emotion

The fourth dimension is the dimension of emotion.  The more time we spend in our emotions, the more we are cleansed of negative and positive emotions that are based in ego.  What is left when the process has run its course?  The neutral state of unconditional love.

Think of the fourth dimension as a transformational cocoon. In 3D, we are caterpillars, drenched in negative emotion. When we’re ready, we go into the chrysalis of the fourth dimension, where we are purged of impurities, often painfully. When we’re ready, we emerge into the fifth dimension as beautiful butterflies expressing unconditional love.

The process doesn’t have to be painful. We can pass thru the fourth dimension by consciously feeling high frequency emotions. We can consciously think of something that makes us feel compassion and love. Those thoughts instantly evoke those emotions. The more we consciously do this, the more time we spend in the fourth dimension of the heart.

This article goes into more detail about consciously living from your heart.

When we’re in unconditional love, we are able to manifest instantly, without the possibility of a negative manifestation that we really didn’t want.

When we express unconditional love, we are in a neutral state.  In unconditional love, nothing is good or bad, we simply love everyone and everything unconditionally.  That state of neutrality is beyond any polarity of good and bad.  When we are neutral, we do not judge.

When we’re in unconditional love, we are able to manifest instantly, without the possibility of a negative manifestation that we really didn’t want.

But how the heck do we get there?  We were born into this realm of duality.  We naturally judge everything and our negative judgements evoke powerful emotions.  How do we possibly get rid of our dark side so that we can move from the third dimension into the fifth?

We get there by going through the fourth dimension of emotion.  We get there by feeling and embracing our emotions without acting on them.

Feeling our emotions allows our soul to learn who we truly are.  In the fourth dimension, emotion generated by our third dimensional ego is called out as false and extricated from our being.

From our soul’s point of view in unconditional love, it is a beautiful process of growth and self-discovery.  From our point of view in 3D, it can be very painful to embrace negative emotion.

Dark Night Of The Soul

Sometimes we hold onto unconscious negative emotion so tightly, we must embrace it fully for extended periods of time in order to let go of it.

This is called the Dark Night of the Soul, more accurately called the dark night of the ego.  In this process, the soul does not go through a dark night.  Rather, the ego is forcefully stripped of emotions it is clinging to, and ego does not let go easily.  It is a prolonged period of being trapped in dark, low frequency emotions, usually for many years.

Undergoing a prolonged dark night seems to propel us into enlightenment.

Older souls who have experienced many lifetimes in 3D and are ready to ascend, often go through the dark night of the soul, in preparation of ascension.  When they emerge, they are far more enlightened than ever before.  Undergoing a prolonged dark night seems to propel us into enlightenment.

Such an extended awful experience “purges” us of negative energy that we unconsciously hold onto, which cannot come with us into the fifth dimension.  It clears our karma and removes negative emotion we might be clinging onto that we don’t even know about.  That is the primary function of the fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension purifies our emotions in preparation for entry into the fifth dimension.  The fourth dimensional filter does not allow lower vibration 3D energy into the 5th dimension.  Without this necessary process of purging, we would bring lower vibrational energy to the realm of instant manifestation and horrific chaos would ensue.

How To Deal With Negative Emotion

To help facilitate this process and speed up your ascension, it is important to feel your emotions fully, on both ends of the spectrum.  Embrace the good and bad feelings but do not act on them.  When you act on your emotion, you risk creating more karma which might keep you in 3D longer.

When you embrace negative emotion, feel it fully then let it go.  You can do this by allowing yourself to feel it, then make it go away by thinking of something or someone that makes you feel deep compassion and/or unconditional love.  Move on from the bad feelings.  Let them go.  Do not hold onto them (no matter how good it might feel to feel bad) and do not let them hold onto you.  Replace them with good thoughts which elicit good, high energy emotions.

When you act on your emotion, you risk creating more karma which might keep you in 3D longer.

You can also deal with negative emotion by judging the cause differently. When you see a situation from a different angle, you can put a positive or neutral judgement on it. When you remove the source of your emotional pain, those negative emotions no longer hold any power over you and they have nothing to hold onto. When you embrace your new viewpoint on an emotional level, the negative simply disintegrates.

With practice, this will become easier, until you have truly mastered your emotions, purged yourself of the negative, and you’re ready for the fifth dimension.


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