Fountain of Mental Youth 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Fountain of Mental Youth 3

Brain Science has found that the act of learning actually keeps our brains young. As children, we are always learning things, practicing, improving. After we settle into a career, family, daily routine, we stop learning. We become comfortable with what we know, and new neural patterns are not formed.

Modern Brain Science says that if we continue to learn throughout our lives, our brains will always be challenged by creating new neural patterns, and they will stay healthy for an eternity.

If we aren’t challenged on a daily basis, we don’t grow, our minds and lives become stagnant. Learning is one of the main purposes of life. In a very real sense, when we stop learning, when we are no longer challenged, we die. Brain Science says that learning creates a healthy brain, which in turn expresses a confident, capable, vibrant, eager, intelligent person.


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