Fountain of Mental Youth 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Fountain of Mental Youth 2

Brain Research Challenges

For any task, thought or experience, neurons fire in a specific pattern. Thoughts, actions and
experiences create specific neural patterns in the brain. With conscious practice, the pattern
becomes more refined, and we get better at something, or we understand something more clearly.

This effect causes us to repeat the same life patterns over and over and over and over. A
deep, unconscious pattern can be hard to change, to say the least.

After a while, the neural patterns become ingrained and unconscious. We spend our lives stuck in
patterns we’re not even aware of. Like a river carving it’s channel, our established neural
patterns get deeper and deeper, until they’re completely automatic.

Our thought and emotional patterns, which become an unconscious part of us at an
early age, carving the riverbeds that we typically follow for the rest of our lives. Unless we
carve our own path.

Which leads us to the possible Fountain of Mental Youth.


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