External Resistance To Change

The 5th Dimension Awaits

External Resistance To Change


When we change, it threatens everyone in our lives because we start acting differently and it stretches their idea of who we are. If people do not accept a change in you, they often begin to resent you for changing while they remain stagnant. This is especially true when people find success. If our friends and loved ones begin to resent us for our success, the emotional trauma can be devastating, and we become all too eager to make things the way they were, at any cost.
Too often, we sacrifice our own success for other people’s comfort.

When our energetic alignment changes, our lives will change and people in our lives might object. We must remain steadfast in the pursuit of our dreams. The people who truly love us unconditionally (there is no such thing as conditional love) will stay with you, while those who seek to control and suppress you will vanish.


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