Entropy 4

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Entropy 4


We are all Disorder Minimization Machines, with some degree of self-awareness. With practice, we can learn to become more efficient in adding order to the Universe, by keeping our own lives orderly (as defined by each individual).

Our thoughts and emotions lead our actions, and directed action forms our lives. We set a goal, then direct our bodies to do what is necessary to reach it. Our thoughts of a goal add focus to our actions, so that each action brings us closer to the goal. When we focus our thoughts and actions, we literally manipulate energy to add order to our lives, and reach any goal we choose.

When we direct our energy toward a goal, we increase the order of a specific potential future, thereby increasing the probabilities of our future containing the specific energies that we focus on. When you focus your thoughts, actions and emotions on a certain future, you are increasing the order and reducing the chaos of the energy which forms a potential outcome.


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