Entropy 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Entropy 2


We can apply this to our lives without much of a stretch. When we don’t put daily, purposeful energy into our lives, the aspects of our lives that we are neglecting become disorderly. Work, relationships, family and money all suffer from lack of attention. The more purposeful, focused attention, time and energy we put into our lives, the more we get back.

Therein lies the balance we each face every moment of our lives – where to put our attention in any given moment. Our lives will go toward the focus of our daily thoughts and emotions. Not instantly, and usually not by the path we expect, but our lives will always end up where our attitudes dwell, and focused action is the force that takes us there.

This leads us closer to understanding the difference between necessary action and wasting time.

We each find our own balance between order and disorder in our lives, based on the intention of each action in every moment. At the end of the 24 hour cycle (defined only because we have to sleep), each of our lives have either more or less disorder than the previous cycle, depending on decisions we’ve made and actions we’ve taken.

Both disorder and order are necessary, and how we balance the two is one thing that makes our lives what they are.


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