Entropy 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Entropy 1


The second law of thermodynamics says that throughout the universe, all things, all systems tend toward disorder. When left alone, a system becomes naturally more chatoic and less ordered over time. Science uses the term Entropy to measure the amount of disorder of any given system.

A teenager’s room has a high probability of having a high level of entropy. It’s probably messy, especially if his parents haven’t told him to clean it up.

Without human interference, cities will crumble. Wood rots, bearings and moving parts create heat and wear out, and a teenager’s room probably gets more messy.

As a spirit expressing through a three dimensional body, we each have the power to increase order. When we clean our homes, we increase order. When we build something, we increase order. When we perform maintenance, we are maintaining a certain level of order. If we don’t maintain things, they fail when the level of disorder becomes too great.

Tomorrow we’ll explore how this can help.


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