Enhance Your Renewal Process

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Enhance Your Renewal Process

Phoenix rising

When we exercise, perspiration purges our system, squeezing built-up toxins out of our cells
while consuming fat, where toxins and old patterns are stored. Purging is half of the cycle of
renewal, which makes way for new energy.

While the old toxins and patterns are extricated from the body, heavy breathing replaces these
now empty spaces with oxygen that is filtered by the energy of who we are in this moment.

Oxygen cannot enter our cells unless it resonates with the cell’s frequency, meaning the energy
of the oxygen must vibrate in tune with who we are in order to become a part of us.

This is true for all things, and it is one way we continually redefine ourselves and renew
ourselves in each moment, literally with each breath.


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