Energetic Transfer of Thought 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Energetic Transfer of Thought 2

Thought Transfer

A few necessary conditions must be met in order to receive information from the Mass Consciousness.

We must ask for the information, be open to receive it, have the wisdom to recognize it and the courage to act on it.

When we focus on receiving information, we align ourselves with the information we seek. We set a conscious intention to direct our energy. You can do this with concepts like, “Resolution to a situation”, or “Abundance”. State your intention and be open to receive.

Now that we’ve focused our intent we must be open to receive the answer. When you consciously state that you are open to receive, you begin to see what has been in front of you all along.

When you state that you are open, you must be open to all answers, not just the ones you want or expect. Be ready to accept aspects of your self that you don’t want to see.


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