Energetic Transfer of Emotion 1

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Energetic Transfer of Emotion 1

Energetic Transfer

Humans are energetic creatures. Beyond three dimensions, we each generate an individual Energetic Signature, broadcasting to the Universe exactly who we are.

The three dimensional part of the energetic signature is generated by our emotions, thoughts and actions. As Humans in society, we are immersed in the energy signatures of those around us, and we’re susceptible to each other’s influence.

While this sounds like another force against us, we can learn to tap into the Energy of the Mass Consciousness for our own empowerment.

Thoughts and emotions can be transferred from person to person.

Have you ever found yourself suddenlyangry, and had no idea why? Often, it is because you picked up someone else’s emotions. This can happen whenever we’re in close physical proximity to other people. Even though it’s easier with friends, family, those we’re emotionally close to, it can also happen with complete strangers.

If conditions are right, we can pick up thoughts and emotions just by walking past someone. We read eachother’s Energetic Signatures far more than we realize.


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