Emotions Organize Life 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Emotions Organize Life 2

Emotion Organizes Life

The physics of manifestation doesn’t matter. The mechanics of how we create our reality is not important. The fact that the concept has been proven mathematically and accepted by formal science, helps us believe it emotionally.

Logical knowledge can be a step toward emotional knowing, although it is not necessary to understand something intellectually in order to feel it.

When we believe something emotionally, we organize energy and shine a light on it to create our Hologram. When we understand something logically, we agree with the linear progression of “if, then, therefore”.

When we understand something on an emotional level, it becomes real in our hologram.

Pay attention to your emotions throughout the day because moment by moment, they define your hologram.

Emotionally feel that you’ve achieved your goals, then take directed action and in Time, your dreams will appear before you.


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