Emotional Information

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Emotional Information

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Emotional knowledge is a big key to manifestation. It is easy for us to understand something logically, but to know something on an emotional level is completely different.

To create something, you can’t ACT as if it’s happened, because most of us would go broke acting as if we had money when we didn’t have. In order to manifest a situation in your life, you must FEEL as if it’s happened on an emotional, cellular level.

We must immerse our bodies into the sensation of success, and the three dimensional hologram will reflect the energy we project.

We can know something logically and not believe it emotionally. When we feel something emotionally, we feel it in our cells. The energy of a specific emotion makes each of the cells within our body vibrate as one, in alignment with that emotion. The vibration stores information in the DNA within each of our cells. When we feel something emotionally, we store that feeling within our bodies.


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