Emotional Information 3 – Feel Your Self Into Being

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Emotional Information 3 – Feel Your Self Into Being

DNA Human

The more you tell your cells what to feel, the more they will become comfortable with that specific information, and the easier it will become for you to feel that way.

This is especially powerful when your present life deals you unexpected blows. In the face of bad energy, immerse yourself in your own self-generated good energy by imagining being in your future exactly the way you want it. Starve bad frequencies and feed the good feelings.

When we imagine our future, we collapse time and connect with one of the infinite possibilities of ourselves. When we connect to our future through thought, emotion, sensation, we feed energy to that specific future and remove energy from less desirable potential futures.

The more we connect with a specific future, the more comfortable and stronger the connection becomes. The more you follow a path, the more obvious and familiar it becomes. Our focus literally increases the probability of a favorable or even specific potential outcome to our lives.


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