Ego 8

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Ego 8


Next time your Ego rears its head, here’s how to gain control.

First, recognize your Ego, and thank it for protecting you. Acknowledge it and release it with thanks for a job well done.

Now that Ego is temporarily out of the way, we can think logically, if only for a moment. It won’t be long before Ego catches on, and returns to make his presence known, often when you and others least expect it. In that moment of clarity, think clearly.

Ego strikes in an effort to protect itself because it thinks there is separation.

It does not realize that all things are connected and that other people are just mirrors of ourselves. When we know there is no separation, we know that hurting others is only hurting ourselves, so there is nothing to fear when we exist in a state of Unity, beyond Ego.


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