Distraction and Deception

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Distraction and Deception

Distraction and Deception

Every magician, politician and pickpocket knows that distraction allows deception.  It is very hard to deceive someone without distracting them.  Deceit is barely possible without first employing the fine art of distraction.

We live in a world of distraction.  Most people are happily and fully distracted in every waking moment.  The masses can’t get enough distraction.  In an attempt to avoid their own thoughts, they desperately seek distraction.  Then they need distraction from their distractions.  Most peoples’ natural thoughts are so terrifying, they need to avoid their own thoughts at any cost, no matter the consequences.

It’s important to realize this because the more distracted we are, the more easily deceived we are.  Living in a world of distraction also means that we live in a world of deceit.  When we’re constantly distracted, we’re constantly deceived.  We choose to be blissfully blind because the truth of what’s going on around us, from an individual level to the mass consciousness, is too painful to face and complacency can be so comfortable.

We’re complacent because blind distraction is soothing, but it’s dangerous because it leaves us open to manipulation from all angles.  The harsh reality is that, through distraction from the truth, people manipulate each other and governments manipulate the masses, all toward their own ends, with no regard to the consequences or the wellbeing of those they manipulate.

How To Defend Against Deceit

The best (possibly the only) defense we have against manipulation thru distraction is to stay focused.  It is absolutely necessary to maintain our focus at all times.  If we don’t want to be manipulated, we can’t allow ourselves to be distracted.  We must learn how to focus.  When we allow our attention to constantly be pulled in all directions, we are at the whim of those who seek to manipulate us for their own benefit, to use us to fulfill their own agendas.

Distraction is seductive and usually feels great, but when we use it to hide, we become soft, malleable, and easily deceived.

When we allow ourselves to be distracted, we become tools for others who care about us only as a means to their own end.  In our present state, most people are blissfully distracted pawns who don’t even care what we’re being used for, as long as we never have to face the painful truth or our own terrifying thoughts.

Distraction feels good because it takes us away from what we don’t want to face.  Distraction is unproductive, pointless and wastes our precious resources, whereas truth leads to a decision point or goal, which most people seek to avoid.  Distraction takes us away from responsibility.

Debaters, politicians and online trolls often try to distract us away from the core argument, into an argument they can “win”, even if it has nothing to do with the point you’re trying to make.

Examples of Distraction and Redirection

Knowing how a car engine works doesn’t give you the ability to drive.  You don’t need to know how a computer works in order to use it.

If you’re worried about the power grid being sabotaged, focusing on how it can happen is a distraction.  It doesn’t matter if it can be taken out thru the internet or by an electromagnetic pulse.  How it might happen is a distraction.  What matters is how it might affect you and how you can best prepare.

If we can’t have an affect on it, it’s a distraction from what we can affect.  What can we change?  Our attitudes toward our immediate surroundings.  We have control over our feelings and emotions toward our immediate environment and people we interact with.

Change Your Emotions By Changing Your Thoughts

If you and your kids have been stuck in the house for months and they’re driving you crazy, think of a time when you felt strong love for them.  Remember holding them as an infant.  Think of a time when you watched them be so innocent and cute, you almost melted with love and compassion for them.  You felt like your heart was going to burst.

Those thoughts will instantly and automatically change your feelings toward them in that moment.

Distraction Leads To Feeling Powerless

Anything outside of your sphere of influence is a distraction away from things you can change.  When you are distracted by things you cannot change, you’re being deceived into feeling powerless.

We are all powerful individuals who dictate our own lives.  It doesn’t seem that way because we are distracted by things we cannot change and thereby deceived into thinking we have no power.

Again, the cure for deceit is focus.  When we stay focused on things we can change, (like our thoughts, which instantly dictate our emotions), we regain our birthright of infinite power.  Then no one can control us, no matter the situation.

Be aware of the current backdrop of the society in which we exist, but don’t be distracted by it.  Don’t focus on it.  Be aware of the energetic overview of what’s going on in the world, while staying focused on your thoughts about your immediate environment.

When you cannot be distracted away from things you can change, you cannot be deceived by things you cannot change.  When you focus on what you can change, you reclaim your personal power, even when your environment and the world declares that you’re powerless.

When you control your focus and your thoughts, you control your emotions and your destiny.  No one can tell you what to think unless you let them.  When you let external forces dictate your thoughts, you expose your emotions to manipulation and deceit, and you become a powerless puppet.

What to do if you think you’re being distracted and deceived.

1 – Ask yourself if the topic you’re concerned with is up to you.  

Do you have any say in the matter or is it out of your hands?  Be realistic about this.  Just because you want it to be up to you does not mean it is up to you.

For example, are the facts behind the outbreak of coronavirus up to you?  No?  Then why are you wasting your time, energy and attention on trying to find out who is to blame?  The blame game is a distraction.  It is so seductive because your ego wants a place to direct its anger.  Ego needs a target.  

Even if you know exactly what happened and who funded what, when and for what purpose, (which is impossible), there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it.  It is above all of our pay grades, and thank God, because everyone involved at that level now has karmic hell to pay.  I don’t want any part of karmic hell.

What is up to you is your efforts to avoid getting it.  Focus on that.

2 – Ask yourself how the topic at hand affects you. 

These are aspects of the situation that you can focus on.

In our coronavirus example, it affects you because you have to stay home all day every day for months on end, either alone or with family or people you don’t want to be stuck with.  You think you’re socially isolated even though you’ve got facetime, texting, telephone, streaming entertainment and hundreds of other communication options.

3 – Ask yourself what you can do about the things that affect you. 

If these things are not up to you, (you can’t control other people), change your attitude about it.  Change your feelings toward the situation by changing your thoughts about it.

Distraction and Deception In Arguments

When you’re unfortunate enough to be in an argument, focus on your core argument.  Don’t let the other person pull you into a different argument.  This is a common tactic used by online trolls and debaters.  It’s usually pretty obvious, even with a skilled distractor.  When you stay on point, they will accuse you of being single-minded and not listening to them.  Remind them that you’re just staying on topic and call them out for trying to distract you away from your core argument.

Also remember that it’s impossible to win an argument.  You’re not going to change anyone’s mind or sway anyone away from their point of view, unless they’re on the fence, in which case you’re persuading, not arguing.


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