Declare Your Facts Into Reality 2

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Declare Your Facts Into Reality 2

Declare Your Reality

If, on the other hand, you state that you are abundant, your life will follow your commands. State your desire as a fact that has already happened. Your life must follow your commands.

Your voice is powerful, so always be aware of what you say. When you speak, your voice resonates within your skull and your liquid brain understands the vibrations. Since this is where the hologram is generated, spoken words change the hologram at a fundamental level. When words come out of your mouth, the vibration of the sounds affect all things, like many pebbles thrown onto a still pond, each ripple affects the next. The vibration of your voice declaring a fact about your own life will affect the vibration of your hologram. Your life will have no choice but to follow your commands and become what you desire.


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