Decisions 6

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Decisions 6


Set your intentions and let life unfold.

Be flexible with your plan as opportunities arise. Re-evaluate your plan as life progresses. Re-consider your goals as you grow. We are dynamic creatures living in a dynamic world, so we must be open to change.

Set your conscious intentions and make decisions with confidence. Trust your wisdom, and know that the path you choose will bring you closer to your goal. Let go of the outcome and let life unfold. Be joyous every day, in the knowledge that your goal is one day closer.

With this attitude, life becomes an exciting adventure. We can relax in the knowledge that our goals will be reached, while not knowing how life will unfold keeps us stimulated and challenged.
We will always grow because we continually re-evaluate our goals, plans, and the means available to us in the moment.


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