Decisions 3

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Decisions 3


When we consider the future, we tend to imagnine general feelings about the big picture of what we think our life will be like. An idea about the future can be very attractive when considered from our present moment, but the tiny details of every day life affect us, so more precise consideration of the future is necessary.

Imagine your life three months, then one year after making each choice. Focus on the details of your daily routine. What are your daily challenges? Do you thrive on overcoming them? Do you lose yourself in what you’re doing? Do you connect with others? Are you contributing to your cause? Does each day bring you closer to reaching your goals? What are the possible final outcomes of each choice? What are some possible obstacles that you didn’t expect, that might be a huge hindrance to you on a daily basis?

Our attitaude toward the daily details can make all the difference in our lives.


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