Empower Your SELF

How to Remove Fear From Your Mind and Heart

Remove Fear

Let’s start with some clarification. The title is neither complete nor fully accurate.

The Mind – your conscious and unconscious thoughts and awareness – causes the body to feel as if it’s in danger. Your thoughts and awareness cause you to feel fear. What is in your mind causes the way you feel. Your thoughts cause your emotions. The body emotionally reacts to what is in the mind.

The Heart Is Love. Therefore, it cannot know fear.

The physical Body is ruled by the Ego, the realm of fear and survival. The only threat Humanity faces is its own Ego. Look at the world and you will bear witness to Human Ego out of control.

If you associate with your body more than your Heart, you will feel fear. When you are familiar with your Heart – the Realm of Love where your Spirit resides – you begin to reside there.

How do you become familiar with your own Heart? By paying attention to it. You become what you pay attention to. Focus on your personal, physical sensation of Love.

What is Fear?

Fear is a sensation within the physical body, generated by our thoughts. It’s original purpose was to warn the body of possible danger. The personification of the body, aka Ego, knows it dies with the body, so fear is its best friend and sole protector. As physical danger becomes less of a concern, Ego turns to the rush of conquest, always based in fear.

What we’re witnessing on Earth at this point in Time, is Unchecked Human Ego. Human Ego Run Amuk. Human Ego that is so obsessed with its own preservation, self-destruction becomes the only possible outcome.

It is the duty of each individual Human to be aware of their own Ego and keep it in check. A big part of that is consciously keeping your fear in check while not becoming reckless.

Stay Aware of Your Self.

Waking Up with Anxiety in the Middle of the Night?

These days, there are plenty of good reasons to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night. With Human Ego running amuk unchecked, feeding off it’s own power, the world that was so recently a comfortable place has gone helplessly crazy. Insanity seems to reign on Earth.

Remember that nothing is as it seems. Absolutely Nothing.

Look at anything just a little below the surface, and the Grand Illusion dis-intigrates before your eyes. More accurately, your awareness grows. Every time you look deeper, your eyes open further. You begin to see the Unstable Emptiness of Form.

Don’t resist your awakening. Go with it. Do not fear what you’ll find. Welcome to Your Life.

When we look at the present state of humanity on a surface level at this time of dis-illusion, things appear to be pretty dire. There’s plenty to be anxious about.

And there’s no greater opportunity to Rise to a Challenge, just when its seemingly all on the line.

You Got This. Otherwise you wouldn’t Be Here and Now.

Anxiety Action Steps:

Start by Praying. Pray for the courage to face your demons and the Awareness to render them powerless. Pray for God’s Help.

When you wake up at 3 in the morning in a cold sweat, awash in anxiety, get out of bed, drink some water and sit in a comfortable chair, preferably not in the same room as your bed. If you have to keep laying in bed, that’s ok too.

You know the drill. Focus on your breathing, on every breath, slow it down. Relax your entire body, all of those tensed muscles you don’t even know are tense. Relax them.

Focus on the Beat of your Heart, a constant reminder of the Now Moment, which is where all your power lies. The Now Moment gives us incredible personal leverage.

Your anxiety is probably still there, and that’s fine. Let it be there. It can’t hurt you, so just ignore it, breathe, relax and focus on your HeartBeat.

Now imagine the source of your anxiety working out perfectly. Feel how that makes you feel. Hold that feeling. Focus on it and study it. Get familiar with your sensation of a perfect resolution, so you can recall it throughout the day. If you don’t know why you’re anxious, just focus on whatever makes you really happy. What are the thoughts that make you instantly smile?

Keep that in your mind. Put your Self back in that lighthearted, funny situation, as you crawl back into bed.

Why Are You So Scared of Death Lately?

Because Death is being pushed into your awareness. It is more pervasive throughout society now than in the past 80 years. You’re becoming more and more aware of it. Perhaps its getting closer to your personal world.

In today’s world, death is framed in fear and uncertainty. It does not have to be so.

If you fear death, it is a clear sign that you have lost your Sensation of God. Find it, Cling to it for Dear Life and enjoy the wild ride. Whatever is going on, it’s only temporary, you’re never in any real danger, and you’re not going to fall into a trap you can’t escape. God is greater than that.

How To Stop Worrying About Death

Find God. Face him as a Flawed Human. He knows. He understands. He’s not going to fault you for Being what He created.

God certainly would never create a trap that cannot be escaped, which ensnares you into Oblivion for Eternity. That makes no sense, so quit worrying.

There’s no reason to fear death when you think of the world as a stage. Humans are just actors dressed up in a Human Body costume. When the play ends, the actors walk off the stage, remove the costume of whatever role they’re playing and go home. Humans in a Body are just actors playing a role. It’s only temporary and its not who they really are.

When Humans walk off the stage of physical life, they leave their body behind and go Home. That role is over. The actor in the costume doesn’t die. Who he really is – the actor – grows and gains awareness from the experience.

That’s all that’s going on here. Its not that mysterious.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Death

Natural death – much different than suicide – is a Graduation from the physical Earth Realm. You’ve learned your lessons for the Lifetime and it’s time to process them in a more expanded, aware State of Being.

When your physical body dies, the energy that is you remains intact, along with your individuality. God loves your individuality, He wouldn’t just obliterate it. He wouldn’t Strip you of your Unique Self just because the physical experience is over.

How Do You Remove Fear From the Mind?

We remove fear from the mind by realizing that the mind is a structure built from Ego, which is based in fear. The mind is a product of the physical body. It’s focused on survival, always feeling threatened, even when it’s perfectly safe and supported. It doesn’t listen and it doesn’t hear. It blindly seeks to dominate all it encounters.

How Do You Remove Fear From the Body?

By knowing you’re not your Ego. You are not your Body. Even when your body and ego drop lifeless, you still remain as You, with all your unique traits. Know you’re immortal. You are not your body. Nothing can hurt or threaten what you truly are.

Fear of the Future

If you have a healthy fear of the future, you must be paying some attention. Good for you.

Physical support structures are crumbling as we speak. There will be many unexpected changes to the comfortable life we so recently knew. Whatever happens…

Do Not Fear the Future. When you fear the future, your future will bring fear. Instead of worrying about – focusing on – the changes that might happen, put your attention on feeling the way you want to feel in the future. Feel the way you want to feel and go on with your present day. Feel it no matter what the day brings.

Do be aware and prudent. Pay attention to what’s going on behind the scenes, while you’re happy in life now, making preparations and decisions based on what feels right to you and your loved ones.

The future always holds the Promise of Infinite Potential. The rest is up to you, the Individual to make of it what you Will. Literally. Your Individual Will makes the present and future what they are.

Don’t focus on it being bad, focus on it feeling good. Infinite Potential will become whatever you focus on in your Heart. It’s up to you to become aware of what you focus on, then consciously focus on Higher Energies.