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The 5th Dimension Awaits

Information Distortion

Personal Information Distortion 4

When we understand that information is distorted for each individual person, we can have compassion for others because we get a better understanding of their motivations. When a woman wants to go to the symphony with her husband, she interprets it as romantic evening. When the husband thinks of a symphony, he looks forward to…
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Remove Your Obstacles

Remove Your Roadblocks 5

Don’t feel guilty about your success. Your success can only help those you love. Don’t be afraid of getting everything you’ve ever wanted. There will always be something for you to strive for. The kind of people who create their own reality are the kind of people who never run out of goals to achieve.…
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Modern Meditation

Modern Meditation 4

Focusing on specific thoughts during meditation will help to still your mind. Guided meditations can be found for every purpose. When your meditation has a specific intention, the energy you invest is more focused and directed toward a goal. Random energy needs a focus in order to be useful. When you enter meditation with a…
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Impulse Force 1

We all know the feeling of an impulse. When we act on impulse, it is without conscious thought. An impulse can be defined as, “a sudden, involuntary inclination prompting to action.” An impulse is also defined as, “an impelling action or force, driving onward or inducing motion.” A hammer hitting a nail is a classic…
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