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The 5th Dimension Awaits

Blame Game

The Blame Game

First of all, let me make one thing clear.  I speak of young souls and old souls.  One is not better than the other, they are just at different stages of their cycles of 3D incarnation.  Young souls want to fervently dive into physical experience.  Old souls grow increasingly weary and detached from the 3D…
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Fourth Dimension Emotion

Fourth Dimension

There’s a lot of talk about going from the third dimension to the fifth, but what about the fourth dimension? The fourth dimension is a “transition” dimension.  It acts as a filter of energetic impurities that build up in the third dimension, which cannot enter the fifth. In the third dimension, our thoughts and emotions…
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Enter Fifth Dimension

How To Become Fifth Dimensional

As humans in third dimensional expression, we place judgement on everything.  The third dimension is a realm of duality, so we interpret everything through the lense of opposites such as good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong.  We judge absolutely everything.  We have no idea we’re doing it, it’s just what we naturally…
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