The 5th Dimension Awaits

Brain Research Challenges

Fountain of Mental Youth 2

For any task, thought or experience, neurons fire in a specific pattern. Thoughts, actions and experiences create specific neural patterns in the brain. With conscious practice, the pattern becomes more refined, and we get better at something, or we understand something more clearly. This effect causes us to repeat the same life patterns over and…
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Fountain of Mental Youth 1

Humans can’t conceive the true potential of the Human brain. Our brain is a tool our spirits use to generate the hologram we call life, so it is important that we keep it as healthy as possible. Modern Brain Science has just begun to discover new ways for us to stimulate the brain throughout our…
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Phoenix rising

Enhance Your Renewal Process

When we exercise, perspiration purges our system, squeezing built-up toxins out of our cells while consuming fat, where toxins and old patterns are stored. Purging is half of the cycle of renewal, which makes way for new energy. While the old toxins and patterns are extricated from the body, heavy breathing replaces these now empty…
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Mother and baby doing yoga


Most people exercise to loose weight and stay healthy, both of which are very important for a well-balanced life. What many people fail to consider, are the positive effects exercise has on the mind, our daily thought process and the emotional reactions we face each day. When we exercise – when our heart rate is…
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Discover YourSelf

Covet Your Life

Don’t ever take your three-dimensional life for granted, for life as a Human on Earth is extremely coveted throughout the Universe. Throughout the realms of energetic expression, entities clamor to become Human. Our ability to think and feel make being a Human highly sought-after. Human thought and Human emotion are seen as valuable treasures unobtainable…
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Focus on the Goal

Stay Focused On The Goal 2

Daily details, surprises, complications and situations that arise, all require decisions.  Each decision steers our lives closer to the focus in our mind. We all know too well, the path we create to our future can be riddled with relentless bad news, disappointment and crisis. In the throes of daily life, think of your life…
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Focus on the Goal

Stay Focused On The Goal 1

Take action toward a specific goal each day. It will not only bring you closer to your goal, but will also occupy your mind with possibilities for the future. Your life is a reflection of your mind. Keep your mind focused on the goal, add daily action and time, and your life situation will eventually…
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Break the Illusion

Break The Holographic Reinforcement Cycle

Our lives must reflect what is in our heads and hearts. When we think disempowering thoughts, our world reflects that back to us. This is how our long-term thoughts and feelings turn into a self-enforcing cycle, and why old patterns are so hard to break. This is why it’s extremely important to be aware of…
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The Holographic Reinforcement Cycle

Science has proven that matter is made up of energy that expresses itself differently, depending on what we expect to see when we watch it. Since our observation of the energy that makes up matter actually changes the matter, it stands to reason that on a human scale, we can change the matter that makes…
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