Attitude Magnet

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Attitude Magnet

Attitude Magnet

Since all time is simultaneous outside of the hologram, there are infinite future aspects of you that are already there. Some potentials of you have more probability of being in your future path than others.

When you emotionally feel your desired future, you actively increase the probability of that potential. In effect, your present attitude is a selective magnet, drawing to you only the future you’re emotionally focused on in the Now.

You’re placing your Now awareness on your desired future. You literally become more aware of your desired future as time passes, until your physical world reflects it back to you.

If you’re tired of your life, you are aware of an old, out-dated aspect of your self. As your awareness shifts toward a fulling future, your old three dimensional patterns will disappear, to be replaced by whatever attitudes you presently embrace.

Resistance can either defeat or empower us, depending on our reaction to the resistance

By changing our attitudes, we change what the world feeds back to us.


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