Abundance And You 5

The 5th Dimension Awaits

Abundance And You 5

Hands Manifesting

To allow ourselves to be abundant, we must become comfortable with thinking of our selves as abundant. When a big bill comes, you will probably forget that you now see yourself as abundant.

In those important moments, is up to you to remember that you are now abundant, especially when the world hits us with proof of our lack. We must feel its presence in our lives as a constant presence.

Abundance is your best friend. Be proud of it. Be comfortable in its presence. When you think of abundance as a stranger, you will be awkward and uncomfortable around it, and it will respond to your uncertain energy with uncertainty. When you are confident and comfortable with abundance, it will show up in your life with confidence. Abundance will not be fleeting and unstable when you are confident about it and comfortable with it.

Know that you are worthy of abundance, because you respect and appreciate your self.


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