Declare Your Facts Into Reality 1

A powerful technique for focusing our thoughts and emotions on the big-picture goal is to declare your desires as a fact, out loud with confidence, numerous times each day. Make it a short, simple statement of ten words or less, stating as a direct fact, that your desires have come true. I am abundant in every aspect of my life. I feel Love from everyone in my life.

I am open to recognize and accept Unconditional Infinite Abundance in every aspect of my life.

Phrasing and semantics can make a difference in the energy behind the statement, so be clear on what you are stating. If you declare, “I want …”, you are focusing on the desire.

When you say, “I want…”, you are stating that you want, so your life will make sure you don’t have the very thing you want. The less you have, the more you want. Your life will make sure you don’t have, so you will be able to want, just like you stated.